Media Planning contains background information about attempting to reach marketing strategies and advertising goals. Providing a conceptual framework for small businesses to big ones; to ease the needs of advertising environment; to develop, review and measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns in line with advertising and marketing objectives.




Common Processing 

Models are the strategic use of an advertising medium -  its goal is to be able to reach a specific target audience. An advertising medium is the type of vehicle the advertising is set on. 

Model refers to the application of AIDA

  • Attention -  Get noticed

  • Interest – What’s in it for me and to others? 

  • Desire – The want of factor and its effect. The call of the Brand

  • Action – How to make it possible and what are the possibilities?

Cat Advertising will present set of Drafts to support marketing needs; to improve communication, to promote coordination or to deal with any matters that are put on the agenda and to help the job done.

The shooting, photoshoot, graphing of design, the hiring of vendors (contributors) the collaboration of other agency and market is what Common processing all about. 

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